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HIPAA compliant privacy

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IQYOU is HIPAA compliant, the same privacy security which is mandated by the government for the safety of medical records. We take your security further by only asking you to provide your email. No other information is stored, with the exception of your username and password, which you select. There are no other identifiers to you. If you order custom supplements, the system passes the order to our shopping cart outside the system, with an identifier number, which is sent to manufacturing. Your name, address and ordering information is stored outside the health system. The external IQYOU website, shopping cart, and manufacturing process is SSL Certified, the highest security for website shopping.

What is HIPPA? Passed in 1996, HIPAA stands for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.” The Act has two main parts. The first, the “portability” part, helps Americans take their health insurance from job to job. The second, the “accountability” part, is designed to enhance the confidentiality and privacy of personal medical records.