Simply Genius:

There are two ways to get connected for further support:

1. Nutritionist phone consultation – Learn More>>

2. Connect to your personal health professional (see below)

IQYOU’s professional version allows your health practitioner to link to your health data (upon your approval). The professional version includes lab tests and further analytical tools to empower health professionals with new intelligent solutions never before available. By collaborating on a uniform HIPAA compliant platform, you’ll have a long-range plan for better health outcomes.

Set up a phone consult with a certified nutritionist (above), and/or invite your physician and other health practitioners to be connected to your health.

“This tool helps me spend more time with my patients vs. time spent on research.”
  - Dr. Kevin Passero, ND, Green Healing Wellness Center

“IQYOU provides quick solutions that clients can feel in a short period of time.” 
  - Margo Gladding, MS, CNS, LDN – Herbalist, Nutritionist

“For the first time, we can address underlying dysfunctions that can cause ill-health and disease prior to it becoming a condition.”
  - Dr. Joseph Katzinger, Salugenecists, Inc.